What are SEO Auditing Services?
Technical seo audit is increasingly competitive and rapidly evolving online marketplace, it is essential that your site is technologically up to date and provides an easy, intuitive and valuable user experience.

It is important to perform annual or semiannual technical seo audit for website to make sure your site is user-friendly and optimized for high page ranking on organic search.


Organic search is how most people reach a site and if your page is slipping in the search engine ranking, it will mean fewer visitors and fewer sales.

Since lowered site rank results in lowered sales and revenue for your business, so it is important to know why this is happening, and what to do to fix it.


While some SEO audit tools are available for free, the SEO tools that provide the most information are paid. To get the best results and the most useful applicable insights, it is advisable to get help from professional SEO audit services.


Experienced SEO auditing services will use tracking tools, and go through an audit checklist to identify areas that are holding your site back in the search engine rankings.

SEO audit services will provide actionable, clear recommendations that improve user accessibility, site performance and search engine ranking. This eventually translates to an increase in revenue for your business.

  • Improve organic, unpaid page ranking on the search engine.
  • Increase your business’s revenue by improving site performance and speed, so more visitors stick around for longer and become customers.
  • Eliminate outdated technology and content that is slowing down your website and improve loading time and site security by performing a technical site audit.
  • Increase traffic by optimizing your site for mobiles and removing backlinks that lower the validity of the site.
  • Identify relevant keywords that you are missing. These long-tail keywords will help to increase traffic to your site and thus increase earnings.
  • Understand the health of your site, its backlink profile and any technical issues that may cause your site to underperform with a Technical SEO audit.
  • Identify outdated, duplicated or blocked content that is decreasing your site’s ranking.
  • Optimize marketing strategy by identifying social media, blog, content, image and tone indicators to improve customer engagement with your business.
How do SEO Audits Work?
SEO audit services will evaluate and verify your site by using SEO audit tools. These include popular, free tools such as the Google Search Console, Google Analytics and the Bing Webmaster Tool and paid SEO tools such as MOZ, aherfs, STAT, PitchBox and Content King. They will gain insights into your site by doing content, keyword, backlinks and competitive analysis.

Your SEO audit will also include an analysis of the technical aspects of your site. During a technical SEO audit, a technology that is slowing down your site will be identified and audit tracking tools will show how your site interacts with search engines.

After gaining insight and understanding into how your site works and interacts with both end-users and with search engines. SEO audit services will provide you with clear, detailed and actionable data to improve and enhance your site’s performance.

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Why SEO Audit Services are Important?

It is essential that you understand your site and know how you can improve and enhance your customer’s experience and engagement with your business. Performing an SEO audit means that you will identify all the areas that may bring your site down.

Whether these are technical issues pertaining to your site’s coding, search engine issues with links or keywords, or end-user issues to do with content, our SEO site audit will provide detailed information and solutions to the problems that plague your site.

Acting on these suggestions will improve user experience and engagement, page rank and eventually result in higher revenue for your business.

Happy Clients
Happy Clients

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